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Product Overview

Number of Players: 2-5

Playing Time: 60+ Minutes

Recommended Ages: 13+


MIND MGMT is a one versus many, hidden movement game in which the MIND MGMT player races around Zanzibar, outmanoeuvring the rogue agents in an attempt to collect enough new recruits to win. If the other players–the rogue agents–pinpoint the exact location of MIND MGMT, they win!


  • One of the fastest hidden movement games on the market as players get vital information every single turn.
  • Players cleverly uncover hidden secrets and can even enter codes online to get exciting new Print & Play content to add to this game!
  • Solo & Co-op mode included with free app.
  • Introducing the Shift System: Losing side opens 1 of 14 sealed packages for a campaign-style game



(No reviews yet) Write a Review