Playing Cards Mind MGMT

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Product Overview

Introducing MIND MGMT: A Deck of Normal Playing Cards (Definitely not a test of your psychic-cognitive abilities). This is indeed a normal deck of playing cards that you can use to play any card game. However you can master your psychic potential with this deck of (ir)regular cards! When you play any traditional card game, this seemingly (ab)normal deck of cards allows you to access hidden mental abilities to change the odds in your favor. Every round of play is a journey into the unknown!

These are psychic cards and each card has its own psychic ability. That's right, every single card has a special power that might be activated in a game of Go Fish, Euchre, or Hearts!

How do these cards work?

Before every round you reveal a card. The value (or the suit if you want more chaos) of that card is activated this round. This means if you flip up a Queen of hearts, then the other Queens (clubs, spades, diamonds) can all be activated this round.  So now, as you're playing whatever card game you're playing, everyone is on the lookout for Queens. Not every ability will even work with the game you're playing, but a lot will!

Here are some examples of what some of the cards do:

  • Look at the top card in the deck. Discard this card to take that card.
  • If this is the last card in your hand, you can discard it.
  • This card is considered wild when making a straight / sequence

If the psychic power doesn't work in the game you're playing, then nothing magical happens. But if it does work - then bam - you have a secret weapon this round that will surprise your opponents. Again, you can ignore the abilities on the cards and just play any regular game of cards with them. Or you can activate the psychic abilities of these cards to inject some chaos and/or fun into your card games!

What's so Special About the Joker?

One of the Jokers is PK Verve. Longtime Kindt fans will know that he shows up in A LOT of his books. He's so good at crossing over into other stories, that this card can cross over and be used in the MIND MGMT: The Psychic Espionage "Game"! PK Verve will allow the Recruiter to move through 1 mayhem once per game. The Recruiter has to discard it when it's used, so the agents know on which turn the Recruiter moved through mayhem - just not which one!




(No reviews yet) Write a Review