Dungeons and Dragons Arkhan the Cruel : Dragonborn

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Product Overview

After a climactic battle with Vecna in the penultimate episode of Critical Role Series 8. Arkhan the Cruel raised his magical battle-axe Fane-Eater above his head an whispered a prayer to Tiamat. Bringing the axe own, Arkhan stunned the members of Vox Machina by chopping his own arm off at the wrist and attaching the Hand of Vecna to himself, thus gaining more power in his quest to free Tiamat from her imprisonment in the Nine Hells


Product features

  • Game System : Dungeons and Dragons
  • Material : Resin
  • Scale : 28mm
  • Average Age : 14+
  • Format : Box
  • Finish : Unpainted

This miniature comes unpainted and unassembled. Resin dust can be toxic, so when sanding parts, wearing a mask is recommended.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review