Wits & Wagers Family

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Product Overview

With simpler rules and family-friendly questions, Wits & Wagers Family Edition is perfect for family game nights, or when the kids want to play with their friends.

Now, the parents are finally the underdogs! Do you know the average number of times a person blinks each day? Of course not – and you don’t need to! That’s the fun. No one knows the answer. Take a guess and score points by choosing whose guess is closest. With easy rules and exciting game play, Wits & Wagers Family will get the whole family cheering and laughing together.

A fun question is asked...Everyone writes down their guess. Place your Meeples... Which guess is the closest?
  • Feeling confident...Place a Meeple on your guess.
  • Think your kids know better?...Place a Meeple on their guess.
  • No idea...Place a Meeple on any guess and hope to get lucky!
  • Designer : Dominic Crapuchettes
  • Artist : Jacoby O'Connor, Shawn Wilson
  • Number of players : 3-7
  • Playing time : 20-30 Min.
  • Recommended ages : 6+


(No reviews yet) Write a Review