The Night Cage

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Product Overview

Number of Players: 1-5

Playing Time: 50 Minutes

Recommended Ages: 14+


The Night Cage is a cooperative, horror-themed tile placement game that traps 1-5 lost souls within an otherwordly labyrinth of eternal darkness. Equipped with nothing but dim candles, you must work together to explore the maze and escape. 


To win, players must each collect a Key, find a Gate, and escape as a group. But escape won’t be easy. The weak glow of your candle sheds light on only a small area of the maze at a time. As players move, new pathways are revealed while old ones disappear forever into the darkness, creating an ever-changing play space that requires teamwork and collective strategy to navigate.


• Deeply thematic, co-op horror game that stays tense until the final flickers of your candlelight.

• 40-50 minute game, with intuitive rules that can be taught in minutes, making for great demos.

• An in-box Advanced Game features new monsters and challenges to ramp up difficulty and replay.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review