The Fantasy Trip Companion

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Product Overview

This is the Fantasy Trip Companion – both part of the game, and a book about the game. It’s a very limited print run, made possible by supporters of the 2018 Kickstarter that brought TFT back to the world. It was a stretch goal in that campaign, and we appreciate the support! The TFT Companion is a collection of articles, starting with Steve Jackson’s original designer’s notes and errata published in The Space Gamer in 1980. It includes a collection of optional rules, expansions, and adventures created by fans for the magazines of the day, and closes with a collection of the articles posted online as part of the TFT Kickstarter in 2018.


  • 38 years of history of a classic old-school RPG, from birth to . . .well, to rebirth . . .
  • Includes Steve’s original Designer’s Notes!
  • Plenty of fan-generated content, too!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review