Sounds Fishy

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Product Overview

Number of Players: 4-10

Playing Time: 30 Minutes

Recommended Ages: 10+


Sounds Fishy isn't about always knowing the right answer — it's about being able to spot the fake ones. It's like a mix between The Chameleon and Balderdash.


Sounds Fishy is the party game full of strange questions and even stranger answers.


Pick up points by eliminating the fake answers that have been invented by the other players — but be careful! One of them has given you the real answer. Accidentally choose it and you’ll lose all your points and your turn.


Think you can tell which answers sound fishy? You’ll need to think on your feet, get creative and push your luck to win the game where everyone has an answer for you.



  • 9 fish
  • 80 point tokens
  • 200 question cards
  • 1 card dispenser


(No reviews yet) Write a Review