Pente Deluxe

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Product Overview

Our deluxe pente is a fast moving game of skill for 4 players. Pente resembles checkers in ease of learning and simplicity, plays like a sophisticated tic-tac-toe, and yet approaches chess in its tactical Depth and wonderful variety. This sleek strategy game originated in the 1970’s. Be the first player to place 5 stones in a row, or to capture 5 pairs of your opponent’s stones, and win the game! the players ALIGN five stones of the same color in vertical, horizontal or diagonal lines. You can capture your opponent’s stones by flanking pairs of an opponent's stones in any same direction. There are multiple variations of the game for greater challenge and complexity. This new (4) player version contains a roll-up pente game board (with rubber backing), 4 sets of colored glass stones (blue, green, clear and amber). four cloth drawstring stone storage bags and illustrated instructions. Recommended for ages 8+


(No reviews yet) Write a Review