On Pointe Ballet Board Game

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Product Overview

Experience life as a ballet dancer, from the Barre to a Star. Earn your pointe shoes and tutu; collect gems, treasures and the tiara. In On Pointe players use dance moves as shown on the deck of cards to move through the game from the first dance studio through rehearsal and eventually to the stage. Players stop at certain intervals in the game to collect gems, which are worth 3 points and treasures, which are worth 2 points. Each player has a score card where they accumulate the items for later end-of-game scoring. Points are also awarded for landing on the Pas de Deux squares, the Prima Ballerina square where one player will get the tiara and the final stage square for the bouquet and bow. In addition to the cards, each player has five 'Position Tokens' each of which can only be used once and then is turned over after executing the given 'power-up' move or action. The player who is positioned last, in relation to the front edge of the stage gets first selection of movement cards shown on the table and play proceeds clock-wise from there. The result of this turn designation is that players tend to travel though the game board fairly closely together. Since the winner is determined by a calculation of points, arriving first at the end of the stage does not guarantee a win. On Pointe is a dancer's journey in a board game.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review