Merchants of the Dark Road

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Product Overview

Number of Players: 1-4

Playing Time: 60-120 Minutes

Recommended Ages: 12+


Merchants of the Dark Road is a highly thematic strategy game by rising-game designer Brian Suhre, brilliantly brought to life by acclaimed artist Andrew Bosley. Explore the city of Highreach where you will prepare your caravan with goods, contracts and heroes using a rondel style action system. When you're ready, head out beyond the safety of city walls alone or with other caravaneers to gain fame and fortune! 



• 1 Merchant rules & regulations

• 1 Kingdom of Lumi game board (separated into 6 puzzle pieces for easy assembly)

• 4 Player 'wagon' boards (and 6 upgrade tiles to improve your wagon)

• 81 Goods tiles (double-sided with foiled flip-side)

• 4 Sets of player markers (wooden Wagoneeples and thick cardboard prestige markers)

• 48 Hero cards (featuring unique art for every hero & 6 starting heroes)

• 10 Interchangeable building tiles

• 40 Resource tokens (blazing quartz & lanterns to light your way)

• 26 Event cards (each event uniquely illustrated by Andrew Bosley)

• 60 Coin tokens

• 18 Animal companion cards

• 4 Sets of 9 Action dice (7 night dice and 2 illuminated dice for each player)

• 1 Oracle of Lumi die

• 5 Metal dice (and Magically Magnetic Great Bazaar wheel)

• 1 Ruins of Yin die

• 19 Crown cards (end-game scoring objectives)

• 30 Commission tiles (5 specific to each neighboring town)

• 12 Lucky horseshoes (when the fates are against you...)

• 6 Trusty steed cards (rare is the bond of a merchant and their mount)

• 2 Rondel markers (illustrated markers for the Ruins of Yin and the Dark Market)

• 5 Travel dice (unknown challenges await you on the dark roads)

• 4 Player screens (any merchant worth their quartz knows you keep your purse hidden)

• 10 Solo play cards (and solo goods token)

• 1 Solo trader meeple (the trader needs a wagon too!)

• 6 Guild notice cards (spicing up solo play with a look into the activities and schemes of rival companies).


(No reviews yet) Write a Review