Lost Ruins of Arnak The Missing Expedition

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Product Overview

Requires Lost Ruins of Arnak base game. Fully compatible with Expedition Leaders expansion.

Number of Players: 
1-4 Players

Playing Time: 30 minutes per player

Recommended Ages: 12+


The professor is missing!


Your dear friend, Professor Kutil, has gone missing while exploring the lost ruins of Arnak. Now, you and your expedition must follow his trail to learn his fate.


The Missing Expedition is a new expansion for Lost Ruins of Arnak. Test the strategies offered by two new leaders. Explore new paths to knowledge on two new research tracks. Build your expedition team with new artifacts, items, and assistants.


This expansion can simply be added to your Lost Ruins of Arnak base game or it can be discovered as part of a solo or two-player cooperative campaign.


  • The Missing Expedition expansion for Lost Ruins of Arnak:
  • New assistants, items, guardians, and artifacts.
  • Two new expedition leaders add unique player powers to a 2-player game and are fully compatible with the Expedition Leaders expansion.
  • Six-chapter campaign for solo or two-player cooperative play.
  • Each chapter is replayable as a unique standalone challenge.


  • 6-chapter campaign (solo or 2-player coop mode)
  • 2 leaders (Mechanic & Journalist)
  • 2 research tracks
  • Item & artifact cards, sites, guardians, assistants


(No reviews yet) Write a Review