Kobold Guide to Game Mastering

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Product Overview

The latest in the award-winning and fan-favorite series of Kobold Guides tackles gameplay head-on, with advice from everyone from veterans to talented newcomers on how to make a tabletop RPG session snap, crackle, and shine!

Writers on include Frank Mentzer, Keith Baker, Zeb Cook, James Jacobs, Monica Valentinelli, Shanna Germain, and many other well-known industry vets and long-time GMs.

From session prep to problem players, the Kobold Guide to Gamemastering will help any game master up their game and entertain their table like never before!

  • Helpful, practical advice aimed at both new GMs and long-time pros
  • Tips and tricks for game prep, problem players, improved gametime, and stronger campaigns
  • Cover art by Blizzard and Magic: the Gathering artist Eva Widermann
  • Part of the award-winning Kobold Guide series


(No reviews yet) Write a Review