Forgotten Depths

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Product Overview

Number of Players: 1-3

Playing Time: 45-60 Minutes

Recommended Ages: 10+


Forgotten Depths is a 1-3 player co-op dungeon adventure game, combining unique tile laying and hand management mechanics to deliver a quick-playing but substantial experience of exploration and combat.


The goal of the game is to get to the bottom of the dungeon and destroy the powerful entity that resides there. To make it, you’ll need to improve your heroes by finding items, and buying new abilities with experience points you gain by exploring. Those experience points are in scarce supply, though, and you’ll need to balance between saving them for abilities and spending them on the healing and keys you’ll also need.


The game is played by alternating between two main activities, Exploring and Encountering. You’ll start by Exploring, creating the layout of the level as you play, and discovering Ecology Elements. You choose when and where to Encounter the Elements you discover, and you go back to Exploring after each Encounter.


The game features:

  • 3 Dungeon Level ‘Ecologies,’ each with their own unique Monsters, Features, and hard to find Legendary Locations
  • Character progression. Find and equip items, and purchase abilities and spells with your hard won XP.
  • 30 unique Monsters. Never face the same Monster twice in a playthrough.
  • 30 unique dungeon Features. Never discover the same Feature twice in a playthrough.
  • 12 hard to find Legendary Locations, featuring unique encounters, treasures and effects, including 2 difficult to obtain fabled swords.
  • 6 unique level bosses
  • Final boss with 27 possible configurations


  • 76 Map tiles
  • 21 Punchboard discovery tokens
  • 14 Wood cylinder monster health tokens
  • 6 Wood cube ability tokens
  • 36 Poker-size monster action cards
  • 113 Tarot-size ecology cards
  • 30 Monsters
  • 30 Features
  • 12 Legendary locations
  • 6 Stair guardians
  • 9 Final entity cards
  • 3 Heroes each with
    • 1 Hero mat
    • 1 Wood cylinder health token
    • 12 Poker-size action cards
    • 6 Poker-size item action cards
    • 6 Tarot-size item cards
    • 6 Tarot-size ability cards
  • 1 Screenprinted custom wood lantern meeple
  • 1 Punchboard health track
  • 1 Pad of hero record sheets
  • 1 Pad of adventure record sheets



(No reviews yet) Write a Review