Card Sleeves: Sleeve Kings: Premium Standard Card Game

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Product Overview

63.5mm x 88mm 

55 Sleeves

This is THE single most useful size sleeve to own as it is good for MTG and literally thousands of games! If you don't have a few extra packs of these on hand you're crazy! These fit 51st State, Arcadia Quest, Ascension, Ascension CCG, BoardGameGeek the Card Game, Boss Monster 2, Brass Empire, Catacombs, Clank!, Combat Commander, Cutthroat Caverns, Dark Souls The Board Game, DC Comics Deck Building, Evolution, For Sale, Forbidden Desert, Gloom, Heart of Crown, Last Night on Earth, Legendary, Love Letter, Mage Wars, Mistfall, Nightfall, Pandemic, Pathfinder, Race for the Galaxy, Red Dragon Inn, Resident Evil Deck Building, Spyfall and many more!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review