Twilight Inscription

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Product Overview

Twilight Inscription is an epic roll & write game set in the legendary Twilight Imperium universe. This accessible adaptation for 1 to 8, has players leading their civilization to greatness as they explore the galaxy, expand their influence, develop their infrastructure, and strike down any rivals. 

  • A roll & write game set in the Twilight Imperium universe, Twilight Inscription provides a more streamlined and accessible way to experience the legendary setting for both new players and existing fans. 
  • Deep, strategic gameplay invites players to explore four aspects of galactic civilization: Navigation, Expansion, Industry, and Warfare, each represented by gorgeous reusable dry-erase player sheets.  
  • Players can take command of any of the 24 iconic factions from Twilight Imperium and its expansion, including the cunning Emirates of Hacan, the adventurous Naaz-Rokha Alliance, and the enigmatic Ghosts of Creuss. 
  • With a randomized event deck and dozens of possible strategies, no two games will ever play out exactly the same way. 

It’s an infinite universe of possibilities! 
  • Number of players : 1-8
  • Playing time : 90-120 Min
  • Recommended ages : 14+


(1 review) Write a Review

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    Great game with lots going on

    Posted by John Gallant on 14th Oct 2022

    Highly recommend using the "Learn as You Play" tutorial mode with new players. I expanded on that by explaining the majority of the rules on each sheet as we went and the first 4 sheets took 1 hour to explain. The rest of the game though really flew by and we finished the rest of the event deck in another hour. So it can be a heavy front load of information, but it ends up being worth it.