Mystery Loot: RPG 7 Dice Set Includes Bonus Metal Die

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Product Overview

These mystery loots may or may not be responsible for creating some serious dice hoarders...

Why do Foam Brain Dice fans love this Mystery set so much?

Plastic RPG Dice that's not only unique, but makes the perfect set to travel with and show off to your RPG-fanatic friends!

Crisp & Chunky Metal D20 with a beautiful design. Just make sure you keep on eye on it (people WILL try and steal it!!)

Insane Value! We don't believe in sacrificing quality. Just a super awesome & affordable option for avid dice collectors!!

The question is... Which Set Will YOU Get?!

(Contains 1 Randomized Complete Plastic RPG Dice Set (matching set) and 1 Metal Die, in a sealed mystery package!)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review