Hunt a Killer: Nancy Drew Mystery Magnolia Gardens

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Product Overview

Number of Players: 1-5 Players

Playing Time: 60-90 minutes

Recommended Ages: 14+

Difficulty: ♦♦♢♢♢


Everyone’s favorite strawberry-blonde sleuth is in trouble! Nancy Drew, heroine of River Heights, is investigating a poisoning case at the once-peaceful Magnolia Gardens. But before the world’s best amateur detective can crack the case, Nancy falls victim to the same poisoner.

In the short window of time before the poison takes hold, Nancy collects all the evidence she has and sends it to you, her loyal apprentice. What she reveals is something truly shocking—it seems that someone at the botanical garden is using the facility’s collection of dangerous plants for nefarious purposes.

  • Red Herrings: Information meant to muddy the case
  • Plentiful Puzzles: Puzzles that require critical reading or creating a timeline

To solve the mystery, you’ll have unearth which suspect has the means, motive, and opportunity to commit the crime by: 

  • Sifting through suspect profiles including elaborate backstories, distinctive handwriting, and forensic details..
  • Creating timelines and confirming (or unraveling!) suspect alibis..
  • Unveiling important case details by solving puzzles, ciphers, and more.
  • Examining realistic documents to discover clues and evidence..

This box is perfect for:

  • Families and fans of Nancy Drew.
  • Elevating your date night with a unique story-driven experience
  • Transforming ordinary game night into a thrilling investigation

Can you uncover the truth before the culprit strikes again and in time to save Nancy? It’s time to put your sleuthing skills to the test and solve the Mystery at Magnolia Gardens!




(No reviews yet) Write a Review