Floor Plan Winchester Mystery House

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Product Overview

Number of Players: 1-6

Playing Time: 20-40 Minutes

Recommended Ages: 8+


With 10000 windows, 2000 doors, and 40 staircases, the Winchester Mystery House© is a Victorian architecture masterpiece. It is also one of the world's most haunted places. In Floor Plan: The Winchester Mystery House© you will be building this historic house's floor plan while trying to recreate iconic rooms like the Witch's Cap, but be careful - you may have more to deal with than how to fit a staircase somewhere...


  • Recreate the historic rooms of The Winchester Mystery House©!
  • Design an entirely new home each game!
  • Challenging dual-layered roll-n-write gameplay!


  • 15 cards with 30 different features of the Winchester Mystery House©
  • 6 player sheets with transparent 2nd floor overlay
  • 6 wet-erase markers
  • 2 custom dice
  • Rule book


(No reviews yet) Write a Review