CHX 27578: Borealis Light Smoke/Silver Luminary

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Product Overview

A 7 Dice set consisting of:

• 1- D4 (Four Sided Dice)

• 1- D6 (Six Sided Dice)

• 1- D8 (Eight Sided Dice)

• 1- D10 (Ten Sided Dice)

• 1- Percentile (Double Digit Ten Sided Dice)

• 1- D12 (Twelve Sided Dice)

• 1- D20 (Twenty Sided Dice)


This is a 7-Dice Set of Chessex's Borealis Light Smoke/Silver with Glow in the Dark Luminary. This set replaces the previous version of the Borealis Light Smoke/Silver because now, all newly-released Borealis dice will contain Chessex's Luminary glow in the dark glitter.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review