Battle of the Sexes - Final Sale

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Get ready for a night full of laughter when you take on the other sex in the Battle of the Sexes game! Players break into two teams based on gender and recite the Official Battle Oath before the sometimes risqué and often ridiculous competition begins! Six categories of cards test your knowledge or challenge you to find photos or random objects while rummaging through your phone, pockets or bags. Which team can name five Football Penalty Calls?

Which team can name five yoga poses? Who can find a ticket stub…grocery receipt…or photo of their ex first? Win the battle on the card drawn and move your team closer to victory on the game board. The first team to KO the other team three times is the champion! The Battle of the Sexes Game is an outrageous and eye-opening adult party game sure to spark hilarious conversation at your next get-together. Play it to break the ice and maybe even shatter some gender stereotypes!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review